Lorri Paulucci, MS, OTR/L
Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Park Slope, Brooklyn


 I conduct evaluations that assess fine motor skills, visual motor integration and visual perceptual skills, sensory processing as it affects learning and engaging in activities, and sensory integration as it pertains to motor coordination and sensory processing skills.

Treatment sessions are provided at Run Jump Roll, 433 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, a sensory gym in Park Slope and typically include therapeutically guided play on sensorimotor equipment, core and muscle strengthening and tabletop work. Areas addressed typically include a combination of the following: sensory processing/integration, motor planning/praxis, strength and endurance, eye-hand coordination, body awareness, visual perceptual skills, fine/graphomotor skills, activities of daily living, and social skills. Parents, caregivers, teachers and other allied professionals working with your child are considered part of the therapeutic team helping to promote optimal therapeutic outcomes for your child.

Currently accepting new private clients
Please note that I am not an EI provider and no longer accept DOE (CPSE and CSE) clients

Your Child may benefit from Occupational Therapy if he or she.... 

  • struggles to engage in classroom activities
  • has fine motor delays
  • has trouble with handwriting
  • has difficulties regarding sensory processing
  • has issues with eye-hand coordination
  • has poor body coordination