Lorri Paulucci, MS, OTR/L
Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Park Slope, Brooklyn

What Is Occupational Therapy and Does My Child Need OT?

Pediatric occupational therapy facilitates a child's ability to engage in life roles of family member, student, and friend. Often a child experiences excessive difficulty engaging in family routinesand gatherings. Peer events such as birthday parties may be the opposite of fun. And engaging in preschool/school activities may be avoided or cause for tantrums. Learning how to ride a tricycle/bicycle or play catch seems harder than is typical for other children of the same age. Teachers may complain that your child has difficulty paying attention and focusing on tasks. Pre-writing/writing, drawing may be extra difficult. These are  some of the many issues that may impact your child's ability to engage in the world comfortably and with confidence. Occupational therapy may help.

Some thoughts as fall approaches Here are some tips to help your child get ready for school in the fall:

  • Discuss in general terms what a typical school day will be
  • Help your child choose his/her clothes the night before
  • Engage in a calming bedtime routine the night before to help prepare for a good night's rest
  • Help your child choose a transitional object to bring to school to leave in his/her cubby
  • It may be helpful to send a note for his/her teacher to read to your child at some point during the school day.
  • Review how you will say goodbye in the morning and when you will see each other at end of school day.